Hello reader.

I thought you might like to hear some music.

These are tracks I recorded last year. I consider them tonesetters of a sort

Autophobia Track 1
Autophobia Track 2
Autophobia Track 3

These are covers I recorded last year. It was through doing these I improved and found my voice and playing style. There are 7 tracks in a zip file. They are Indestrucible, Motorcycle Emptiness, U Can't Touch This, You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), Larger Than Life, The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage, and My Favourite Game
Broken Heart Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a new song, recorded on the 16th May 2009, this is the first recording and full performance of it
Untitled New Project Song 1

None of these recordings have been edited in anyway, everything has been left as is, just one mic, one voice and one guitar


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You may have noticed that the site is currently rather bare. This is because I am currently trying to figure out a new design, and create a whole new site using that design.

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